Needs Assessment

Currently there are still 12,000 registered Christian families (approximately 95,000 people) who fled the war on the Nineveh Plains and are presently living as internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Erbil and neighboring towns. With the easing of the conflict and the liberation of their villages, many of these Christians seek to return to their homes and livelihoods.

The destruction, however, is considerable: almost 13,000 homes in nine Christian villages in the Nineveh Plains were damaged, burnt or totally destroyed. All of them were plundered. These IDPs prefer to return to their ancestral lands rather than becoming refugees in foreign lands. The Nineveh Reconstruction Committee has been assessing the damages, begun to repair hundreds of homes and is assisting the IDPs to return home. To date an estimated 17,000 IDPs have returned to the Nineveh Plains.

Further challenges cloud this already complex situation: security concerns in the villages, Kurdish-Iraqi political maneuvering on the ground, infrastructure damage (water, electricity, roads, schools and clinics).

Private Houses

1233 Totally Destroyed
3520 Burnt
8217 Partially Damaged

Total: 12970

Data updated on 11 May 2017

Church Properties

34 Totally Destroyed
132 Burnt
197 Partially Damaged

Total: 363

Data updated on 11 May 2017

Public Properties

16 Totally Destroyed
9 Burnt
115 Partially Damaged

Total: 140

Data updated on 3 April 2017

Cost Estimation* (in USD)

Totally Destroyed: 79.868.394
Burnt: 90.083.070
Partially Damaged: 60.929.073

Total: 230.880.536

Data updated on 11 May 2017
*Reconstruction of Private Houses
*Total + Admin Costs: $253.968.590